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 What Are Short Term Loans?

Do you need monetary help to cover unexpected bills or other emergency expenses? At PaydayU.Co.UK, we can provide our consumers the best short term loans from direct lenders through a simple medium of an online application. Usually, cheap short term loans are applied for online over a fixed term basis which can be for a lending tenure of a month, or up to one year. This is the path most short term loans UK direct lenders are working. On the other hand, our fast and simple application mode and even willingness to search for affordability along with your credit ratings put our lenders ahead of the rest.     

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With a trusted short term loans UK credit matching company like PaydayU, you can apply online and receive cash between £100 and £5,000 the same day you submit your application to us. We have designed repayment terms that depend on how much customers borrow, and they will not need to worry about any offensive hidden fees either.  

What Can I Utilize Short Term Loans for?

There can be multiple requirements and purposes for that you can avail cheap short term loans. From boiler out of works to health problems and car breakdowns, unforeseen events occur to the best of us. From time to time many expenses come around at once and put a stress on your financial budget. Look at PaydayU that can provide you the significant relief with fast payday loans online you need to handle unexpected fiscal requirements, for example home maintenance bills, insurance renewal or medical bills, and so forth.

Can I Avail Short Term Loans with Bad Credit?

At PaydayU we have faith in that you’re capable to access the cash you need, even with poor/bad credit scores.

Most UK lenders are cautious of providing short term loans to people with bad credit history, owing to the risk it can involve. On the other hand, at PaydayU we set ourselves apart from other lenders in the United Kingdom. Our types of small loans are tailor-made to help people struggling with their lower credit score than the perfect. Some borrowers apply with a credit score of 450, 400 or even less than FICO credit scores. We understand affordability over credit rating. With the proviso that we see that you can acquire the loan reimbursements and that obtaining loan won’t harm your credits, we will thankfully take consideration in your loan application. So, don’t wait, apply with us and receive the loan that you deserve.

Choose PaydayU, for a Short Term Loan

Here at PaydayU, we’ve designed applying for our short term loan options as stress-free as possible.

At the website you have to click on Start Now button to get started filling an application for your loan. We’ll ask some basic information like your employment, amount of money, repayment term, expenses et cetera; and submit it for further actions.

From here, we’ll do a few modest financial checks – we never offer anyone our short-term loan service unless we’re self-assured they can pay it back on time. Immediately you pass our affordability checks, we’ll provide you with your loan line terms & conditions and then you’re good to go! If approved, your loan is transferred into your bank account within the same day.

Am I Eligible to Apply for a Short Term Loan through PaydayU? 

You can apply with us for our short term credit lines if you’re:

  • Aged 18 years or above
  • Self-employed or having a regular income
  • Earning at least £1,000 per month
  • A UK resident living at the same place for the last one year
  • Holding an active bank account

Afterward, we'll do some checks whether you can afford it and tick off a few stuffs from your credit record. Have faith in it or not, that generally only takes a few seconds. Once your application accepted, we'll agree on a loan limit and you'll have access to the loan amount as quick as possible you want. If you match our loan criteria, just get started now.